Friends & Family

7 Feb

One of the things I’ve picked up in all the blogs I’ve read is that being stuck indoors or on the sofa can send you mad and that your friends and family are seriously important.

Well with the former, some would say I was already close to madness pre rupture, so I need to work hard not to tip over the edge. I have been given a 500 piece Christmas jigsaw and some Bellas from 2010 – something to add to my ‘working on whilst my Achilles heals’ post – humility. If you start to see a range of posts on baking, books and other items these are all madness prevention techniques. I was frankly rubbish at book reviews so I apologise now if one appears.

The latter are in short perfect. My friends are scattered all over the country and world and whilst I haven’t been able to see them since the rupture, their texts, emails, calls and tweets have kept me amused and happy. Please keep sending them.

My running club have also been great and very supportive. If you live in west London and want to get into running, join. They are the best running club and I miss my cold Wednesday & Saturday runs immensely, I really do.


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