Flowers make everything okay (they do)

8 Feb

I left the house today for the first time since Tuesday. I went for lunch. This is a big deal now. After the mammoth task of washing and dressing, and I tell you it is bloody mammoth now, I put on makeup and went next door to my neighbours for lunch.

The food was great, conversation was interesting and I was frankly exhausted by the end. For someone who spends a lot of time sitting (it was a favourite pastime pre-rupture. Add in a cup of tea and I am in heaven), this now seems to be partnered with napping. According to those in the know, its to do with the pills on I am on. I just think that my body sees a window of opportunity for sleeping unseen since university and is cashing in.


I returned all prepared for an afternoon in front of an ITV3 mystery drama and instead found these. From my lovely friends. Obviously they read yesterday’s post!

Thank you, they look lovely, smell divine and come with chocolates. You are great friends! x


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