Brum bound

11 Feb

Tomorrow I am going to Birmingham to see some friends. It will be the first time I’ve left the house in three days to travel further than 100 yards to a neighbours. I make it sound like I am going. I will be driven to Birmingham to see friends.

I feel giddy at the thought.

This is how my life has changed, when faced with the prospect of visiting someone’s house my first thoughts now turn to:

1) How many steps are there to get in and out of the house
2) Where’s the toilet

Steps are – to excuse the pun – my Achilles.
In answer to the above, 1) no steps and 2) upstairs

You win some you lose some.

I’m currently fashioning an old Interflora box into a footstool of sorts for the drive over. I can’t take a bag of washing me every time I travel in the car, its just not practical.

I’ve just re-read the headline for this post, if you read it quickly you might think it says ‘Bum Bound’ its ‘Brum’ – just thought I would clarify.


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