Two weeks Post Op Report

15 Feb

The last two weeks have both flown by and dragged. The op feels like months ago not weeks. Today was my first post op visit.

I said yesterday that I felt I was odds on favourite to be put into a new cast today. Seems I’m rubbish at reading the form but I am now the owner of a shiny new air-boot.

The incision

Hey hot legs

Cast was removed and incision was duly inspected and photographed. Sorry its at a rubbish angle. I will try to take more when my leg is cleaned up. Its currently caked in iodine, marker pen and good knows what else – not the prettiest leg in the world. For leg lovers out there, more pics soon.

Healing has gone well and the Surgeon was pleased with everything.

Next I was introduced to my new boot. Slightly more Storm Trooper than Spring/Summer 13, I’ve started on four wedges and partial weight bearing. I think asking someone who has recently ruptured their Achilles to put any weight on the foot is by far the cruelest request I’ve ever come across. I felt sick and faint as I trotted around the consultation room. Even now I feel weak at the thought and I am typing this from the safety of my sofa.


My new boot


For the next two weeks so my instructions are:

Boot x 3 wedges at all times except when washing
Sleep in the boot at night for one week then can remove if I want
Return in two weeks for wedge removal and review
Back to work on Monday but working from home for two weeks

I now need to look at for new outfits that will work with the boot – I don’t think Storm Trooper chic is in this season.


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