Don’t read this when eating

16 Feb

Withered & Ugly Leg

Warning: If you are of a weak disposition you may not want to read further. Post contains pictures of my feet!

Today was the grand washing of the leg. The first time water has touched it in two weeks and it felt rather odd. I don’t like the thought of my leg being uncased now and my boot has become my new security blanket.

But anyway as the pictures yesterday showed in glorious technicolour it needed a wash.

The first thing I noticed when I had a good inspection was how withered my leg has become. Withered is the word. Ugly could also be used. In two weeks its lost maybe a 1/3 of its size. Now I like to think I have shapely legs – I’ve never had any complaints – but to look at my leg next to its healthy left twin is shocking. In two weeks this could happen?!

Anyway next step the shower. My bath is an old Victorian style free-standing bath so its in short a bugger to get into at the moment. So I have purchased a fabulous bath board. Its so good I may continue to use it when I’ve back to full health. Expect a review and pics soon. It took a good five minutes and strong stomach to wash all the gunk off. Two weeks of hair growth didn’t add to its attraction. I haven’t managed to wash the marker pen off…yet.

Handy arrow there

Handy arrow, in case you don’t know where to look

They are not the best pictures and hopefully your heeded the advice of the headline and not looking at these pictures over food.


Nice cankle there, why thank you


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