A walk in the park

17 Feb

That’s what I did today. I went for a walk.

Ma A decided that I was going to become agoraphobic if I stayed indoors any longer and that fresh air, sunshine and the sound of squealing children was what I needed. I agreed to the former two and a disagreed to the latter one, but as a romp round Oxford St is out of the question I acquiesced and got myself suitably attired for Gunnersbury Park.

This is my first trip out since the boot was fitted. I spent yesterday getting to grips with it and reminding myself to walk lightly on it, whilst trying not to remember the horror stories of people who had re-ruptured whilst recovering. Why I read things I shouldn’t, I’ll never know.

It was slow going, but glorious to be outside. I managed about 100 metres before a sit down was in order. A number of children stopped and pointed, asking their parents ‘why the lady had the funny boot on’ I hoped that they would say I was some futuristic police office, that’s what I would have told them. But unfortunately no.

It was easier on my booted leg than I thought. I can put partial weight on it, I have no idea what ‘partial’ is so I am just lightly walking and stopping the pressure when it starts to hurt. Its my left leg that pains me currently. I like to think my leg has sympathy pains. In all probability its painful from under use the last couple of weeks and now having to do the job of both legs. Poor left leg.

My crutches are also starting to hurt my hands which slows me down. My hands weren’t made for crutches, but until I am fully up we’ve made a deal that that’s their job.

Its back to the inbox tomorrow, but from home for two weeks, then I am back in the office, so a daily jaunt out round the mini park by my flat will help build up the muscles ready for the Piccadilly line.


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