When I go out I do it in style

21 Feb

Last night was my first night out by myself.

As it was my first night out since the op, I thought if I am going to do it I’m going to do it in style, so off I hobbled to the Brits.

Clean hair, make-up, no specs and a dress, it was the exact opposite of my current daily life.

As well having to know about steps and the location of toilets (see last week’s post) I also like to know distance, if escalators are involved (they frankly terrify me at the moment) and where lifts are location. In short I like to case the joint.

I knew from the car drop off point to o2 that it was about a 300 metre walk. This is by far the longest I will have gone on my crutches, but the thought of live music and a random celeb spot spurred me on. It took in total about 30 minutes to get from the car to my seat. As soon as I sat down I only got up once for a toilet break (o2 disabled toilet – 10/10).

After about an hour my leg started to throb. Even 1Direction singing live didn’t help. It wasn’t raised and I think that was the problem. I was quite grateful when it came time to leave. It only took 20minutes to get back to the car.

I’m feeling it today (only a minor sore head), I spent the day with my leg up. It was quite swollen so I had the hood of my air-cast off and when I came to put it back on my foot was about 2cms higher than the wedge, the tendon had tightened.

It took about two hours to gradually move my heel down again. Slowly, slowly gently does it, I don’t want another rupture. It was tight and at times sore but now my foot is back housed in the boot and all seems well.

I will not be spending the evening listening to popular music in the near future, it was a good night though.


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