Survival Techniques

25 Feb

After three weeks of one legged action, I feel like a pro at this. So I thought I’d document some of my survival techniques, tips and tricks, just in case you ever need them (or you ever come to my house and wonder what the hell is going on)

1) Place chairs around the place. Strategically placed in the bedroom, kitchen and hallway I now have chairs littering my flat for when I need an emergency sit down.

2) A bag to carry stuff. At home, I now carry a cotton bag round with me where ever I go. At any one time it can be full of, my laptop, pain pills, creams, lotions, nail varnish, mobile, remote controls, lunch, pen, paper, kindle. Basically the things that you always forget when you sit down but when both legs work you can easily jump up and grab.

3) Bath aid. A couple of weeks ago I bought a bath board and it has revolutionised showering. Its so good that I may use it once my leg heals. I urge you all to buy one.

4) Tea. I have drunk more tea after the rupture than in all my years before it. Restorative tea. Should be included in research of the powerful effects of clean hair and clean underwear.

5) Balance. Before my rupture I was quite an avid fan of Bikram Yoga, I was quite proud of my Standing Bow and whilst I’m not practicing it now, I never thought my balancing skills would be in such demand.

6) Humour. If you don’t have one, get one. Fast. Getting stressed, angry and downright pessimistic isn’t going to help. Its also going to make the people around you rather cross. No one likes a housebound misery.

7) Shopping. Since my op I’ve bought two pairs of shoes. Why? I’m a woman and I can’t control these irrational urges. I can’t when I am standing in front of of a pair of shoes in a shop and very able to walk away and I can’t now I am sofa bound and browsing Please don’t question me.

8) Handy pain pills. Like strategically placed chairs, I also have strategically placed pain pills so they are easy to get my hands on

9) Stomach for bad tv. My tv diet now includes ITV3 mystery dramas, cookery and house buying programmes. Quite simply I could avoid them like the plague BA (before Achilles) and now I get stressed if I miss the start of Poirot PA, (post Achilles). I wonder if I will ever revert back?

10) Internet. Need I say more? Tim Berners-Lee I salute you. If I could I would shake your hand but I need both of them to steady my crutches.


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