Good Report

1 Mar

Four week post op report was good. Off to Highgate to see my lovely but schooled in ‘Tough Love’ Dr.

I have taken to necking ibuprofen before my appointments and today I was glad I did.  The Dr is really pleased with how I am healing. In fact so pleased that he insisted on manipulating the tendon to show it moving my foot, quite like a gleeful puppeteer. School of Tough Love in action. I was rather green faced puppet – however pleased the report its not really what I wanted to see on a Friday afternoon.

We tried to take out two wedges (from four) but the tendon started to stretch and hurt so we opted to remove just one. Why isn’t there a half wedge?

Next appointment is in two weeks time and we’re aiming for that to be a two wedge removal consultation and to start physio.

Post appointment I treated myself to a coffee and watched the world go by. I have felt quite vulnerable when I’ve been out by myself but I’m starting to build up confidence on my crutches and managed a rather speedy hop back to the car.

Today was indeed a good day.


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