There’s physio and then there’s physio

25 Mar

Today I had the latter.

I’ve had in total three physio sessions in my life. I had started to think that it was a bit like going for a massage/pedicure except you didn’t get your nails painted. I had a lovely foot rub and off I shuffled.

Today my usual lovely physio wasn’t in so I had someone else. Today I had real physio. Last week was just a warm up.

In 30 minutes, I had had my crutches readjusted, (apparently they have been too high for weeks), talked through the psychology of taking my first steps, (it is mind over matter, as TV has turned my brain to mush I am prepared to be on crutches for a while), had an excruciating leg massage, swore, asked if there was a belt I could bite on and finished off with some ultrasound.

I would have been exhausted if I wasn’t so focussed on getting my boot on and the hell out of there.

I booked in for two more sessions with him next week.


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