Sorry we forgot

2 Apr

I booked passenger assistance with Chiltern Railways to help me get from Moor Street to Marylebone.

They forgot about me.

I got on the train at Moor Street okay. A bit of a strange look from the guy, who asked ‘do I need the ramp?’ Several answers flew through my brain,
‘No I’m just yanking your chain.’
‘No early April Fools,’
‘No fireman’s lift would be fine.’
But for once I manage to swallow my sarcasm and smile sweetly, nod and the ramp was duly popped up onto the train and off up it I crutch.

I arrive Marylebone. Everyone gets off. No one turns up. Then the cleaners turn up. Still no one.

Thank you Chiltern Railways for leaving me on the train at Marylebone.

Thank you for telling me you forgot and just shrugging your shoulders when I raised this with your team.

Thank you for making it easy for me to book with Virgin Trains next time.


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