Once a cheater always a cheater

3 Apr

Yesterday my physio asked me to stand on both feet and shift the weight from side to side. He might as well as asked me if I wanted a final cigarette. However with a ‘can do’ attitude I got up and tried to stand. After much moving of hips, bottom, head up, weight here, move there and holding on for dear life I finally got to something akin to what he was asking.

It took so long because my body automatically cheated. Weight through the heel, lock the knees anything to stop me doing what he wanted me to do. Not because I can’t. I really believe, whilst the muscle is weak, the tendon is healed enough to do this. Its all about the psychology.

I am trying my standing exercises at home. My brain says one thing and my body another. Slightly like being in a foreign country and trying to ask for directions. It will take time before we have a mutual understanding and clear direction.

I had a personal trainer years ago and I always remember how he knew I was cheating when I was rowing, lifting, cross training etc etc. Even through the haze of sweat, blood pulsing and near fainting, I could cheat.

Maybe its true what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater.


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