Back to the scene of the crime

14 Apr

The further I get from my rupture the more I think about playing sport again.

Playing netball is a bit like going back to the scene of a crime.
Sometimes its heals to go back. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes its just plain weird.
I fall smack bang in the middle – I don’t think I will be going back to netball.

I took up netball on a 2013 whim, to clear my head and move on from something unpleasant, so not playing again isn’t going to leave a massive hole in my life. Putting that bib back on and heading back to court is quite like getting back with an ex, never as exciting as you think its going to be and you spend most of your time worrying you’re going to get hurt again.

Running on the other hand, I miss dearly. So fun, so carefree and so fabulously fashionable. I am counting the days until I can feel the wind in my hair and a few Kms ahead of me to conquer.


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