Walking and carrying tea

15 Apr

I’m down to one crutch so this morning I made myself a cuppa and carried it. No flasks, backpacks or faff.

When it comes to getting off crutches, I have accepted I am a late bloomer. I should have been walking a while ago but for reasons unknown I just couldn’t get it. On Friday my Physio took a crutch away and asked me to walk down the corridor. I’m an options person so I would have taken anything, anything else other than do this. I tried, I hopped, shuffling, cheated, did everything but successfully walk with one crutch. I nearly cried but the practical part of me knew tears would blur my vision and unstable me further.

I was sent off with the advice of not to think about it. Stand, march on the spot and try to walk but don’t think about it.

The former was done with gusto – its amazing what you can do when you have Grazia to occupy your mind.

I tried walking on Saturday, the steps flowed better but would still have been judged as a hop by anyone. Failure.

On Sunday morning I tried it again and it just clicked. I don’t know why, how or what but it just made sense and before I knew it I was walking around my flat and then before I knew that I was walking around a pub with a pint of cold cider.

Who knew these things could happen??


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