Holding out for…

30 Apr

…someone taller.

The best line I’ve heard in a while.

To be encased in a plastic grey solid knee high aircast boot is traumatic. Its especially traumatic for someone with a love affair with shoes. My flat is littered with them. Tall, spiky, chunky, sleek, old, new, colourful, scruffy, tidy, patent, sexy, homey and slightly odd. They line both sides of my hallway, like cheerleaders to wave me off and welcome me home. Boots are strewn all over the cupboard and boxes of heels are hidden in the wardrobe. I own a fair number of heels. A few pairs…

My aircast was a flat heeled prison that could only be partnered with another flat shoe. Partnered in the loose sense because nothing matches an aircast, apart from another one and we certainly don’t want that.

I’m average height – 5’8″ – not small, not abnormally tall, just right. Throw in a couple of inches from a perfect heel and it all comes together.

Yesterday was three months exactly to the day of my rupture. Three months of trying to perk up a left foot with pink Converse, patent brogues and pointy gold tipped flats. Anything to brighten up my 5’8″

It all came to head last week after several successful (booted) dates. Which ended with the words…I’m holding out for someone taller.

Well I’m holding out for a hero but we can’t win them all.


One Response to “Holding out for…”

  1. Georgie May 5, 2013 at 12:35 am #

    hahaha re ‘Partnered in the loose sense because nothing matches an aircast’

    How much support to Hunter wellies give? I’m thinking I need a pair for festivals, even in bright fuchsia!

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