The Food Dr

13 May

After my self-diagnosis of an ‘angry’ tendon last week, I decided to seek professional advice in the form of someone who has done more than watch the episode of Casualty where someone slips over.

Physio diagnosis was that it was inflamed. I preferred pissed off but you say tomato etc

Rest and frozen peas were prescribed. I also threw in some daytime tv, swimming, the healing waters of Birmingham and lots of food. Ice-cream, Skittles, cocktails, fabulous Polish food found in the heart of Brum, vodka and a BBQ breakfast have been consumed in the past five days to try to tempt the leg back to pre-pissed off health.

The prescription has – amazingly – helped and the leg has been downgraded to ‘slightly annoyed’. Who would have thought that a combination of cherry vodka and coffee ice-cream would help? Women’s mags obviously, they prescribe it for a broken heart so why not an angry leg?!

I urge you all to pick up a bag of Maltesers immediately, they cure all ills.


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