Essential Kit

31 May

As any girl about town will tell you, they carry at all times ‘essential kit’. Magazines call it ‘what’s in your handbag’ and it usually entails a random selection of old make-up, bashed up snacks and technology. I carry all this but since I became more mobile I have added to my kit, which now includes:

> Compression sock – I am currently rocking black. But after I realised my rookie mistake and the realisation that swelling is going to be a part of my life for a while, quite like the new Daft Punk album, I have now purchased various other colours. Socks will be rotated depending on outfit.

> Deep Freeze – it’s not always practical to whip out the old leg and a bag of peas in a meeting, so Deep Freeze is perfect for such occasions. It also doesn’t have the pong of Deep Heat

> Ibuprofen – both capsule and gel formula, because you just never know which you’ll need and I’m all about all eventualities pain relief.

> Heel inserts – I have some rather snazzy gel ones which I bought off Amazon. They are stack-able so very practical, I am not sure if Tom Cruise uses these ones or not.

> Arnica – for when I am not in the mood for modern medicine.

Basically I don’t leave home without the above, I’m a walking foot Dr with a Mulberry handbag.


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