The new crutch

12 Jun

If you are an avid reader of my blog you will remember the trials and tribulations of me getting off crutches. Actually it wasn’t a trial but I made it such into a drama that the writers of Eastenders called and asked me to join their team.

Well I now have my chapter 2. Single leg heel raises.

I was greeted with this request at the end of my physio appointment last night. Here was me, all smug, ‘..look I am now walking 98% normal’, ‘hey get me doing all my exercises, my knee moves this much now,’ then I was brought crashing down to earth with the news of my new homework. It doesn’t matter if you call it standing on your tippy toes it doesn’t make the fact any easier to swallow. I feel sick at the thought, in fact I am thankful I am typing this pre-lunch.

My next physio appointment is next week so I have at least seven days worth of angst to draw this out on my blog as I attempt to do something which is extremely simple, that I know my leg can do but because I am massively stubborn and need new material for here I will blow into titanic proportions.

I may turn to drink, in fact quite timely it’s World Gin Day this Saturday.

Single leg heel raises + gin = match made in heaven.


One Response to “The new crutch”

  1. micah June 12, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

    As it happens I have a bottle of gin in, I have been looking for an excuse to go out for a walk and a bottle of tonic might just be a very good reason. I shall, of course, wait for Saturday to toast your health and imminent heel raise. ( I have just tried doing one on my good leg just to confirm that it is real and not mythological).

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