17 Jun

Yesterday was my first proper foray back into world of exercise. I went back to Bikram yoga, it was like returning to a much missed warm, cosy and sweaty embrace.

I thought the heat would kill me and then once revived a cross legged leaning posture would finish me off. In fact the heat was perfect, like how British summer should be but found in a studio above a bed shop in Chiswick, and the postures weren’t killers. The leg knew immediately what it could and couldn’t do…Triangle pose a yes and Awkward pose a no.

In fact it was my balance which stopped me. I am a bit like a drunk on my right leg. I wobble, rally for a couple of seconds, wobble some more then finally give in and balance on my left leg. I am a drunk weeble.

But who cares, I’m back with Bikkers.



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