Weekly challenges

29 Jun

This weeks challenge is one of a swollen foot. I did think it could be a slight disagreement with the shoes, (flat, nude patent or flat leopard skin for those who care), I make it wear to work and swelling is its cry for help. But the reality is worse, my post surgery foot/leg now detests boots. Detests them, in any shape/size/colour. I wore my Converse last week and the swelling is the response. Brown ankle boots a few weeks previously caused similar outrage.

Frozen peas are back on the daily schedule but applied further south.

The other challenge I am mulling over is to start slowly getting back into running. Not for something specific like a bus, more just for the hell of it. Today is five months since the snap so the thought of a light trot around the park has entered my mind on numerous occasions over the past week or so. A light trot, that’s all.

I like a weekly challenge. Its become a personal point of pride to see if I can cure the week’s problem before the next ailment rolls along. Its all a bit like an episode of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman but without the period costumes and horses.


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