Great dates

11 Jul

I am a great date. Ask anyone (well not anyone, I haven’t dated everyone), so after being cooped up inside a boot for ten weeks I have recently been taking my leg out on some top notch dates, it deserves to be shown a good time.

Therefore over the last few weeks we have been…

  • Wined and dined at Taste of London (twice)
  • Danced to the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park
  • Explored the restaurants of London Bridge/Southwark
  • Perused the pictures at the Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis exhibition at the Natural History Museum

Look at that variety, bit of intellect, bit of good food/drink and some good music. Its not just dinner and movie here, don’t say I don’t know how to show my leg a good time.

Since the rupture the leg has been on a bit of a promise and this weekend it’s cashing in. We’re off for a medi-cure…a medical pedicure at Margaret Dabbs. The word ‘overhaul’ is used in the description and frankly that’s what is needed, so good enough for me. Pictures will be taken, tweets composed and the leg, or I on the leg’s behalf, will report back afterwards.


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