Honourable Discharge

20 Jul

This week saw my last visit to the Dr. Its been three months since I removed the boot, so to mark the occasion I headed back to the hospital to see my very lovely Dr for what I hoped was my last appointment.

On my journey over I thought if I was discharged would a thank you hug be too much? Is it allowed on the NHS?  He is a lovely and he did fix my stupid leg, a hug isn’t too much is it, I thought? A handshake too formal and a simple ‘thank you’ not enough, its quite a quandary. I arrived to find my Dr was sunning himself on a beach somewhere rather than locked in a stuffy airless room ready to prod my leg and impart some words of wisdom. Hugging the Registrar would mean a quick call to Psyche so that decision was made for me. Perhaps a card and box of Roses?

Anyway back to the reason for my visit. After a quick look at the leg I was discharged. Just like that. Done. Finished. Nothing else to say, in the eyes of the medical community, my leg is fixed.

Physio will still continue for a couple of months, I’m a few weeks away from starting running. But apart from that I am healed.


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