Run Joy Run

26 Aug

I did it.

I started with a good five minute build up, walking increasing the speed every minute. The faster I walked the more flashbacks I had to my anxiety dreams. I remembered that in them I ran rather like Phoebe in that episode of Friends where she runs wonky. Except I was more like if Phoebe had been hit by a fast moving vehicle before she ran.

So I had a lot to focus on.

The plan was 5 x 1 minute intervals. Stop if there is discomfort, pain or the onset of a panic attack.

Minute one was spent trying to spread my weight as much as possible through my feet (think wide toe running)

Minute two, I’m actually doing this, don’t spread weight, is there pain, am I okay?

Minute three, okay this is happening. Is my right leg kicking out? Am I starting to Phoebe run?

Minute four, this is rather enjoyable

Minute five, over before I knew it

It wasn’t perfect, but it was pain free.

Next day my leg felt a little stiffer than normal, but still no pain.

I did it.


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