Back in Time

14 Nov

This week has been a little like going back in time. My leg is swollen and being in short, a bit of a shit.

That’s a technical term. Pain is easy to describe, but the niggles, aches and general aura that accompanies an ATR are, I find, more difficult, so I like to think of my leg as an extremely tempremental person. It’s ‘grumpy’, ‘unhappy’, ‘pissed off’, ‘tired and grouchey’, ‘so so’, ‘a bit of a shit’ and so on. Numerous states to describe something quite undescribeable.

I find it easier this way.

Anyway, I think the leg presses I did at the gym last week set it off. It was mildly unhappy over the weekend, but then that’s how it usually feels post workout. It wasn’t until I went to physio and he commented on the swelling and then massaged (also known as manhandling) it that it began to feel worse. If I had continued in blissful ignorance then all would still be in the state of ‘unhappy’ to ‘so so’ but when someone points at the problem its difficult to ignore.

A reduced light workout is on the cards for the next couple of weeks. I’ve worked the leg back from being pissed off before, I can do it again. We looked at ankle boots today at lunch, it seemed to help, slightly.

On the bright side I got to see an ultrasound of my leg on Monday, or ‘the massive gaping hole where my Achilles tendon used to be’. It basically looked like white noise.


2 Responses to “Back in Time”

  1. m November 20, 2013 at 11:16 pm #

    When I first read your blog update, I didn’t reply as my achilles was being Peter Perfect and I didn’t want to upset you anymore than you already are. However, after day 2 of week 1 Couch to 5k, my achilles is also being grouchy, slighly swollen and a little pissed off. Unfortunately I’ve been limping too, but because of my rt groin strain, not my complaining tendon. I’m going to return to basic leg raises for a aday or two. Keep at it, we’ll get over it.

    • JoyA November 21, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

      Sorry to hear your leg is playing up too. Hope it calms down soon.

      I think its just my leg’s way of making sure I know it still rules the roost (for the time being!). I’ve had a little limp too and the stiffness has returned. But will take it easy and rest it, raise it and give it some tlc and it will be back on track.

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