My Feet

My Feet – What I am hoping to get back on

2013 started with a plan. I don’t like the word ‘resolutions’ so in stead I had a few things jotted down that I would do. You might call it a plan. I would:

1) Start running
2) Join a netball team
3) Tweet more


There was and is obviously more to it than that, however small acorns etc etc. Anyway back to the list, I took up all three with gusto.

Running club joined – tick. 0-5km in 6 weeks
Netball team joined – tick. Refresher clinic sign up for and recreational team joined. Season starts the end of January
Tweet more – random, boring, caustic and amusing tweets posted – tick. Who would read them, who knows

As I have a plan and am so far sticking to it is quite smug feeling. And then, first game of netball, first quarter it happens. It felt like someone ran into me. Ref moved me off court, gave me an ice pack and said it was my calf muscle.

Home, a bag of frozen peas and a quick google of what to do. I might be sore for a couple of weeks but it would soon heal.

She thinks…

This is about me and my achilles. Its not weak, its beyond that its ruptured. I’ve started this blog on day 2 post surgery.

Sorry about the name but RupturedAtTheAchilles doesn’t have the same ring to it.


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