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The end

30 Apr

All good things must come to an end and this includes shabbily written blogs that offer no insight whatsoever in how to recuperate from an injury.

It feels fitting that I should sign off now. Around this time last year I came out of my boot and now 52 weeks later, I can regularly be found running around the streets and parks of West London, whilst I shout self-help style mantras to myself, (in my head, I should add). Things like, ‘c’mon legs you can do it’, ‘just a bit further’, ‘think of the destination, not the journey’, etc etc. Surprisingly the mantras work and unsurprisingly the leg holds and 5km later I am sweaty and rather smug faced.

I’ve learnt a lot…including, backpacks and tupperwear are essential kit and skinny jeans go with everything, including an airboot, (see told you no insight at all)

So folks, I will leave this here.


Sorry blog

14 Oct

Oh dear blog, how I’ve neglected you.

I’ve been rather busy of late, you know how it is….amongst other things, which biker boots to buy this season, whether I would make a good mentor (err maybe on celeb gossip), about my new job (new year, new start, take that 2013), my Christmas in LA and why I seem to spending a lot of time in restaurants that only serve two things, (lobster or burger…?!) I haven’t forgotten about the leg, it would never allow me to do that. But, cliche alert, I’ve jumped back into life like a hot bath after a cold day. There are small reminders…short, sweet but there…a bit of a snarky leg the day after running, physio appointments (every three weeks now), how the leg gets slightly miserable after being stuck in a boot all day and what seems will be forever and always, daily single leg calf raises.

But no pain, no aches and no stiffness.

I don’t think the leg will ever get back to its pre-snapped-ness. But I don’t care, I quite like its post-snapped-ness.

Market Niches

8 Aug

If you are an avid reader of this blog, (god help you), you will know there’s a lot going on in my head. A lot. Recently my mind has turned to what I see as two opportunity areas. Poles apart, but nonetheless two huge business opportunities, I urge any of you with an ounce of business sense to jump on these.

They are in short my business gifts to you…

1) A decent sandwich/lunch place in Esher. Someone go and open one immediately, there’s a workforce crying out for more sustenance than a Waitrose sandwich can offer.
2) A blog/booklet/book/podcast/website/Twitter/Facebook page or similar with advice on how to nurse you back to running post Achilles injury. There’s a lot on injury but nothing on Achilles and nothing on how to mentally prepare yourself for your first running step.
If I’ve missed it please, please email me the link through, but otherwise there’s nothing and so far my emails to experts and comments on blogs have gone unanswered.

Is it just me that thinks this is a massive miss, or am I the only one making a mountain out of donning trainers and go for some light intervals?!?

Don’t answer that

Six months

29 Jul

Today is six months since the snap.

How far have I come? Well I am typing this in Dublin. But really I’m not about to channel Oprah, so to steal from Fat Boy Slim…
You’ve come a long way baby

Back to the scene of the crime

14 Apr

The further I get from my rupture the more I think about playing sport again.

Playing netball is a bit like going back to the scene of a crime.
Sometimes its heals to go back. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes its just plain weird.
I fall smack bang in the middle – I don’t think I will be going back to netball.

I took up netball on a 2013 whim, to clear my head and move on from something unpleasant, so not playing again isn’t going to leave a massive hole in my life. Putting that bib back on and heading back to court is quite like getting back with an ex, never as exciting as you think its going to be and you spend most of your time worrying you’re going to get hurt again.

Running on the other hand, I miss dearly. So fun, so carefree and so fabulously fashionable. I am counting the days until I can feel the wind in my hair and a few Kms ahead of me to conquer.

Ohhh you’ve had an ATR too?

6 Feb

I said I would post some links to other Achilles blogs I’ve found and consumed over the last few days. There are lots out there, some quite old so I won’t post those as treatments have changed. If anyone finds any interesting blogs please send them through.