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The details

4 Feb

Right I think I am ready to share the details, this info might be found in different posts however not all in one place…

Right ruptured achilles
Ruptured 29th January
Saw GP on 31st January and referred to Foot & Ankle Specialist
Saw Surgeon on 1st February
Surgery private through Bupa
Surgery on 2nd February at St John & St Elizabeth, St John’s Wood, London
Surgery was ‘open’, so one incision – 3-4cms long – not sure if this makes it ‘limited’ open or ‘open’ open
I’m in a cast for two weeks and due to see the surgeon again on 15th Feb for post op review and possible move into an aircast.


Post Op

4 Feb

The first couple of days post surgery haven’t been too bad. Very little pain, I was expecting more. Really its more discomfort than anything. I just ache from using crutches.

There are lots of other blogs on achilles surgery so I have been gorging on those which is good and bad. Good in that I’ve picked up tips, bad in that I am comparing my recovery to theirs and we’re all different. I’ll post links to blogs soon.

Its hard being in London in a 1 bed flat, so tomorrow I am going to head up to Derby to spend the next week at my Mum’s house. I’m not looking forward to a few hours in the car, my leg prefers being elevated and I can’t get into the back of the car to raise it.

Other than that there’s not much to say on the leg front.

I’m seeing the surgeon again in two weeks, I’m on countdown, I am not a patient person.

You need surgery

1 Feb

My surgeon is lovely. Yes surgeon because tomorrow I am having surgery on my achilles.

He poked and prodded for a couple of minutes and that was it. He knew I was coming in and had already cleared his diary for me. Tomorrow at 8am I will be going under to be repaired.

Phone calls were made, diary was cleared and I was ready.

Leg still sore

31 Jan

Today I’m no better. Leg still sore, but its not the calf more the ankle.

I’m thinking maybe physio will help. I have Bupa so I called to find out if I need a GP referral. Yes

I got an appointment with my GP pretty quickly so off I shuffle. I basically want her to refer me, the end. I love the NHS but if I can see a physio today or tomorrow then great.

After a few questions she gives me the news, ‘If it was me I would go and see a Foot & Ankle Dr, a specialise for a MRI. It might be your achilles’ Oh jeez. I know that is bad.

I get the names of a couple of hospitals and off home I go to make calls.

In 20 minutes I have an appt for the following day in Highgate and been approved for a series of things from Bupa as part of the consultation. I then call my boss to say I will be working from home Friday and head off to the sofa to rest the leg and watch random daytime TV.

Taking pain pills and watching ITV3 is not good for my address book. Several random emails are sent, which I only discovered a few days later…whoops. They are quite funny. I told someone they reminded me of deep heat!