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Brum bound

11 Feb

Tomorrow I am going to Birmingham to see some friends. It will be the first time I’ve left the house in three days to travel further than 100 yards to a neighbours. I make it sound like I am going. I will be driven to Birmingham to see friends.

I feel giddy at the thought.

This is how my life has changed, when faced with the prospect of visiting someone’s house my first thoughts now turn to:

1) How many steps are there to get in and out of the house
2) Where’s the toilet

Steps are – to excuse the pun – my Achilles.
In answer to the above, 1) no steps and 2) upstairs

You win some you lose some.

I’m currently fashioning an old Interflora box into a footstool of sorts for the drive over. I can’t take a bag of washing me every time I travel in the car, its just not practical.

I’ve just re-read the headline for this post, if you read it quickly you might think it says ‘Bum Bound’ its ‘Brum’ – just thought I would clarify.


Things I have learnt this week – week 1

11 Feb

Its just over one week since I had my surgery and nearly two since the rupture. I didn’t expect the time to pass so quickly, but then when everything takes four times as long this helps time fly.

Here’s a little list of what I have learnt this week. Its no way scientific and if you ever hurt your Achilles this list probably won’t be helpful. Seriously though I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my body and my capacity for just about everything and one week I will post the serious list.

Week 1:

1) The restorative effect of clean hair and clean underwear should be researched and documented by scientific/medical community. Combined they are more powerful than any prescription pills.

2) With a sick note (now apparently called ‘fit for work’ note) you can watch ITV3 all day in leisurewear and not be classed a chav.

3) I am hard work to look after (I like to think I am low maintenance patient, but now I realise otherwise).

4) The person or people that care for you work bloody hard and are in short fabulous, but they will always forget one thing:
Moving your crutches near to you when they go out shopping
Plastic bag when you are having a shower

5) Flowers make everything feel okay – thanks guys.

6) Everyone knows someone that ruptured their Achilles, but over ten years ago.

7) The conversations you find on Twitter are frankly amazing.

8) Words more than actions, mean a huge amount. Its the text, tweets and emails that have kept me amused this week. People I know a lot, barely or not at all, their words are heartwarming and hilarious.

9) Laughter gets you through a great deal.

10) Never underestimate the power of optimism. I’ve been told that I see the good side in most things and the good in most people. It usually how I end up in shit, however I digress. Imagine if you could combine them with no1 on the list?! Maybe that’s what I’ll work on this week.

Flowers make everything okay (they do)

8 Feb

I left the house today for the first time since Tuesday. I went for lunch. This is a big deal now. After the mammoth task of washing and dressing, and I tell you it is bloody mammoth now, I put on makeup and went next door to my neighbours for lunch.

The food was great, conversation was interesting and I was frankly exhausted by the end. For someone who spends a lot of time sitting (it was a favourite pastime pre-rupture. Add in a cup of tea and I am in heaven), this now seems to be partnered with napping. According to those in the know, its to do with the pills on I am on. I just think that my body sees a window of opportunity for sleeping unseen since university and is cashing in.


I returned all prepared for an afternoon in front of an ITV3 mystery drama and instead found these. From my lovely friends. Obviously they read yesterday’s post!

Thank you, they look lovely, smell divine and come with chocolates. You are great friends! x

Friends & Family

7 Feb

One of the things I’ve picked up in all the blogs I’ve read is that being stuck indoors or on the sofa can send you mad and that your friends and family are seriously important.

Well with the former, some would say I was already close to madness pre rupture, so I need to work hard not to tip over the edge. I have been given a 500 piece Christmas jigsaw and some Bellas from 2010 – something to add to my ‘working on whilst my Achilles heals’ post – humility. If you start to see a range of posts on baking, books and other items these are all madness prevention techniques. I was frankly rubbish at book reviews so I apologise now if one appears.

The latter are in short perfect. My friends are scattered all over the country and world and whilst I haven’t been able to see them since the rupture, their texts, emails, calls and tweets have kept me amused and happy. Please keep sending them.

My running club have also been great and very supportive. If you live in west London and want to get into running, join. They are the best running club and I miss my cold Wednesday & Saturday runs immensely, I really do.