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No stopping

18 Apr

Since I kicked one crutch away last weekend everything has started to move a lot quicker, including me.

I have in no particular order…walked to physio, navigated the London underground system, mastered an escalator and gone back to the office. I am down to zero wedges in my boot, I think there is a Latin word for this, but as English escapes me most days…

If I was pregnant this would probably be called my ‘nesting’ phase as I prep for birth. In this instance the birth is my appointment with my surgeon next Tuesday and the potential for me to wear two shoes. In honour of this momentous occasion I have brought a new pair of Nikes, I am so pleased the fashion elite have deemed trainers as this season’s shoe du jour. They will be graced by some Tom Cruise style heel inserts, I’ve always wanted to be a couple of inches taller.

I’ve gone back to work part-time, day on day off and out of rush hour. It was bizarre to back in the middle of Covent Garden. I was found slowly wandering in awe outside the office by a colleague. I’m pleased that I haven’t lost all my London etiquette skills and even with a boot and crutch I still stand on the right on the escalators.

In four days a great deal has happened, I wonder what the next four will bring. I am now bookable for coffee, adventures, run-ins and general things you can do on two feet.


Rejoining the working week

19 Feb

Yesterday I started back at work and it was both easier and harder than I imagined.

Easier in that I only had to hobble ten feet to my desk, as I am working from home at the moment. But harder as I have been out of action for three weeks and my flat is in the basement so I need to stand in the ‘special place’ to get mobile reception. The ‘special place’ isn’t conducive to a healthy working environment – its on a foot stool next to a window – so shuffling back and forth between laptop and phone isn’t easy. Though I have started to pack things into a bag, phone, pens, laptop, paper, remote control, lunch all of life’s essentials get popped in at some time throughout the day. Here’s a list of useful tips that I’ve found:

Working from home does mean that I need to be strict about making time to get outside for some vitamin D. Unfortunately I am not that strict with myself and I haven’t been out since Sunday. Strictness is something I am working on – must add that to the list.

I felt the after effects of my walk in the park yesterday. My foot wasn’t sore but it wasn’t happy. Not sure if it was swollen as it is still quite puffy post op, so I tried to keep it elevated as much as possible. I’ve also found that my leg doesn’t like being down. Not sure if its turned into an uppity leg (like the rest of me) after being elevated on pillows for two weeks but after a while it does demand a bit of peace and duck filled pillow comfort.

Oh and if you are wondering I still haven’t washed the arrow off the back of my leg. The thought of even touching it makes me feel queasy.

A walk in the park

17 Feb

That’s what I did today. I went for a walk.

Ma A decided that I was going to become agoraphobic if I stayed indoors any longer and that fresh air, sunshine and the sound of squealing children was what I needed. I agreed to the former two and a disagreed to the latter one, but as a romp round Oxford St is out of the question I acquiesced and got myself suitably attired for Gunnersbury Park.

This is my first trip out since the boot was fitted. I spent yesterday getting to grips with it and reminding myself to walk lightly on it, whilst trying not to remember the horror stories of people who had re-ruptured whilst recovering. Why I read things I shouldn’t, I’ll never know.

It was slow going, but glorious to be outside. I managed about 100 metres before a sit down was in order. A number of children stopped and pointed, asking their parents ‘why the lady had the funny boot on’ I hoped that they would say I was some futuristic police office, that’s what I would have told them. But unfortunately no.

It was easier on my booted leg than I thought. I can put partial weight on it, I have no idea what ‘partial’ is so I am just lightly walking and stopping the pressure when it starts to hurt. Its my left leg that pains me currently. I like to think my leg has sympathy pains. In all probability its painful from under use the last couple of weeks and now having to do the job of both legs. Poor left leg.

My crutches are also starting to hurt my hands which slows me down. My hands weren’t made for crutches, but until I am fully up we’ve made a deal that that’s their job.

Its back to the inbox tomorrow, but from home for two weeks, then I am back in the office, so a daily jaunt out round the mini park by my flat will help build up the muscles ready for the Piccadilly line.


14 Feb

After a week in the Peak District, I am home again. It feels so nice to be back.

Tomorrow I’m seeing the surgeon for my two week post surgery visit. If I was a betting women – and I am – I would say odds on favourite for another cast for two weeks. However what do I know, I usually bet on horses not surgery visits.