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The end

30 Apr

All good things must come to an end and this includes shabbily written blogs that offer no insight whatsoever in how to recuperate from an injury.

It feels fitting that I should sign off now. Around this time last year I came out of my boot and now 52 weeks later, I can regularly be found running around the streets and parks of West London, whilst I shout self-help style mantras to myself, (in my head, I should add). Things like, ‘c’mon legs you can do it’, ‘just a bit further’, ‘think of the destination, not the journey’, etc etc. Surprisingly the mantras work and unsurprisingly the leg holds and 5km later I am sweaty and rather smug faced.

I’ve learnt a lot…including, backpacks and tupperwear are essential kit and skinny jeans go with everything, including an airboot, (see told you no insight at all)

So folks, I will leave this here.


Things to do when…

26 Mar

…you rupture your Achilles.

1) Bake – move over Paul Hollywood

2) Sort out your wardrobe – if you wish to pick up a item from my A/W wardrobe 2012 its now on Ebay

3) Read – I am now intimately acquainted with Amazon’s top ten list. I am now putting my focus onto the classics

4) Memorise the tv schedule – like people who memorise cards, I have memorised tv schedules. You name it I’ll know the time and channel (Freeview, Sky & Virgin)

5) Find a new job – yes I have

Friends & Family

7 Feb

One of the things I’ve picked up in all the blogs I’ve read is that being stuck indoors or on the sofa can send you mad and that your friends and family are seriously important.

Well with the former, some would say I was already close to madness pre rupture, so I need to work hard not to tip over the edge. I have been given a 500 piece Christmas jigsaw and some Bellas from 2010 – something to add to my ‘working on whilst my Achilles heals’ post – humility. If you start to see a range of posts on baking, books and other items these are all madness prevention techniques. I was frankly rubbish at book reviews so I apologise now if one appears.

The latter are in short perfect. My friends are scattered all over the country and world and whilst I haven’t been able to see them since the rupture, their texts, emails, calls and tweets have kept me amused and happy. Please keep sending them.

My running club have also been great and very supportive. If you live in west London and want to get into running, join. They are the best running club and I miss my cold Wednesday & Saturday runs immensely, I really do.

Things I am working on whilst my Achilles heals

5 Feb

An ongoing list. I will add to this over time…

1) My core – stomach muscles are getting a good work out
2) Upper arm strength – this was on the plan for 2013 but is now being addressed due to crutches
3) My aim – I’m getting pretty good at throwing things
4) Making my left leg the best leg ever – it needs to make up for its weaker right partner
5) My patience – I am impatient. Full stop.
6) Humility

The long journey north

5 Feb

Today’s challenge has been to get from London to Derby. I have a car so it was just a case of packing it up and off we go. It was this easy and it was, however I needed to pack, well I, my Mum needed to pack. What would take me 10 minutes took us over an hour as I sat in state on my bed and she pottered round showing me various different items of clothing, toiletries, cables, shoes (left foot only) etc which I would say either yes or no to.

This is how most of my life has worked over the last few days.

Re-reading this makes me sound like a complete ass-hat, I’m not, but its easier and quicker and the Joy & Fran tag team could conquer the world doing this.

Crutches & Bran FlakesCar packed – crutches and bran flakes what more do you need – and we were off. The journey went well. I was worried about my leg, at the moment it only feels okay when its raised so sitting with it only slightly up for a couple of hours was uncomfortable.

Here’s where I should say, my Mum is frankly amazing and has made what has been a really difficult few days, surprisingly easy and very, very funny.

She is surprisingly creative, who would have thought that a bag of washing would make a good foot rest  for the journey?

I am now ensconced in the Derbyshire Peak District, far from the maddening crowds. Its snowing here and perfect for me to start something else that was on my 2013 list…photography. Unfortunately we forgot the camera, or I should say I forgot to point at the camera and say yes.