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Back in Time

14 Nov

This week has been a little like going back in time. My leg is swollen and being in short, a bit of a shit.

That’s a technical term. Pain is easy to describe, but the niggles, aches and general aura that accompanies an ATR are, I find, more difficult, so I like to think of my leg as an extremely tempremental person. It’s ‘grumpy’, ‘unhappy’, ‘pissed off’, ‘tired and grouchey’, ‘so so’, ‘a bit of a shit’ and so on. Numerous states to describe something quite undescribeable.

I find it easier this way.

Anyway, I think the leg presses I did at the gym last week set it off. It was mildly unhappy over the weekend, but then that’s how it usually feels post workout. It wasn’t until I went to physio and he commented on the swelling and then massaged (also known as manhandling) it that it began to feel worse. If I had continued in blissful ignorance then all would still be in the state of ‘unhappy’ to ‘so so’ but when someone points at the problem its difficult to ignore.

A reduced light workout is on the cards for the next couple of weeks. I’ve worked the leg back from being pissed off before, I can do it again. We looked at ankle boots today at lunch, it seemed to help, slightly.

On the bright side I got to see an ultrasound of my leg on Monday, or ‘the massive gaping hole where my Achilles tendon used to be’. It basically looked like white noise.


The Food Dr

13 May

After my self-diagnosis of an ‘angry’ tendon last week, I decided to seek professional advice in the form of someone who has done more than watch the episode of Casualty where someone slips over.

Physio diagnosis was that it was inflamed. I preferred pissed off but you say tomato etc

Rest and frozen peas were prescribed. I also threw in some daytime tv, swimming, the healing waters of Birmingham and lots of food. Ice-cream, Skittles, cocktails, fabulous Polish food found in the heart of Brum, vodka and a BBQ breakfast have been consumed in the past five days to try to tempt the leg back to pre-pissed off health.

The prescription has – amazingly – helped and the leg has been downgraded to ‘slightly annoyed’. Who would have thought that a combination of cherry vodka and coffee ice-cream would help? Women’s mags obviously, they prescribe it for a broken heart so why not an angry leg?!

I urge you all to pick up a bag of Maltesers immediately, they cure all ills.

Back & Forth

9 May

This week I have mostly been trying to soothe an angry leg. That’s the best way to explain it, it is mightily pissed off at something. Not sure what. It’s been walked, exercised, dunked in water, massaged, iced and raised but it is still angry.

I even bought it a new pair of shoes, but still its sore, swollen and grouchy.

At the end of last week it was behaving, limp was nearly gone, aches nearly eased and general pain was subsiding. But somewhere along the way we have fallen out again. I think it maybe down to the fact I took it to Chiswick on Monday. Chiswick would make anyone mad. I am taking it back to homeland on Saturday. Perhaps the healing waters of Birmingham will help?

Dazed and Confused

25 Apr

I’ve been in shoes for a few days now. It is strangely liberating, very scary and quite bizarre to be part of the two shoes brigade. Do I need a membership number and badge??

My walk is coming on slowly. I am slower than I was in my boot as I walk through the aches, which today seems to be everywhere from the knee down and also try to focus on heel to toe. I like to describe my current walk as ‘gimpy’. I’m gimpy when I start walking, then it smooths out and then becomes gimpy again as I get tired. My physio keeps shouting at me to glide. I was supposed to glide on crutches, glide on one crutch, glide in my aircast and glide now I am on shoes. I feel like I should be decked in sequins about to talk to Brucie, post Strictly Waltz. I don’t have the heart to tell him (physio, not Brucie), that I have never glided anywhere in my life. I am clumsy and abrupt and an Achilles rupture is not going to suddenly make me a glider.

If you catch me in the middle phase of my walk I could be mistaken now for a slow walking casual lady who lunches. At least my crutches gave everyone notice that all was not well with the leg. Now I just look like a slow walker. I experienced this today when I held up traffic as I made my way back from physio. Ass-hat motorists.

I have been told that I have a look of fear on my face when I am walking. I think this is my concentrating face. I can feel it contort as I walk. When I am in shops I also now get asked if I am lost or looking for something. Apparently this is my new walking demeanour. Dazed, bewildered with a look of complete fear on my face at all times.

This is too many things to work on at once, so I’ll concentrate on the walking and apologise to everyone for the faces.

Good weeks, bad weeks

9 Apr

I have mainly had good weeks throughout my injury. Some days I’ve been in pain, I get angry that I can’t get around, I feel isolated – my friends don’t live just around the corner, but it’s always been short-lived. I’ve never had really bad days. In fact I don’t think I have cried at all about my injury or recovery. Actually I nearly cried when I couldn’t get off the train last week but gave myself a stern talking to and I was fine.

This week though, is hard. My leg hurts for the first time in ages, I am looking at being off work for another 2-3 weeks and I am really struggling to get off my crutches. The latter I can’t fathom, I just can’t work out how to get off them, or even get off just one.

I’m quite logical and like to work out things in my head first, this is helpful when you are on crutches as I mentally work out my route or what I need to do first and then do it. But I cannot for the life of me work this one out and the thought of several more weeks of this is maddening. I also made a deal with my Dr that I would walk into my next appointment which is on 23rd.

I’ve Googled, You Tubed but I still can’t ‘get it’. Time is ticking.

I’m lucky, I know there aren’t many people that can face something like this and feel okay, I can’t really explain why, maybe I am dead inside. Do Bupa cover this?

Six weeks post op

16 Mar

For the first time in my life I am continuing to receive good reports. Yesterday was my six week post op review appointment. There’s lots going on…

I’m now down to one wedge
I don’t need to see the Dr again for another 4-6 weeks
Physio starts Monday
I’ve been given the okay for delicate range of movement in the foot
I’m still on two crutches until the physio says otherwise. Did try one step but even writing this makes me feel nauseous again
The boot will continue to be part of my wardrobe for another 4 weeks or so

I’m really happy. My Dr is really happy. We’re all really happy. I hope you reader are happy.

Its raining here which is trying to scupper all my hard work – wet surfaces and crutches make for slips, skids and sore legs. If this was a Hollywood movie my post Dr visit slip would have ended with me flat on my face and a tense hospital visit to see if I had undone all my hard work. It was in fact a mini slip which whilst shocking was a good reminder that I am not a crutch wielding superhero and should be careful.

My reward is to go shopping. I’ve been on a shopping diet lately, so I am so excited I feel like a 7 year old off to a birthday party. I know all I will want to buy is shoes, however I am focussing my mind (see previous post for this in action) on items which are not dependent on me, a) queuing for a changing room or b) needing to remove the boot to try on.

Leg still sore

31 Jan

Today I’m no better. Leg still sore, but its not the calf more the ankle.

I’m thinking maybe physio will help. I have Bupa so I called to find out if I need a GP referral. Yes

I got an appointment with my GP pretty quickly so off I shuffle. I basically want her to refer me, the end. I love the NHS but if I can see a physio today or tomorrow then great.

After a few questions she gives me the news, ‘If it was me I would go and see a Foot & Ankle Dr, a specialise for a MRI. It might be your achilles’ Oh jeez. I know that is bad.

I get the names of a couple of hospitals and off home I go to make calls.

In 20 minutes I have an appt for the following day in Highgate and been approved for a series of things from Bupa as part of the consultation. I then call my boss to say I will be working from home Friday and head off to the sofa to rest the leg and watch random daytime TV.

Taking pain pills and watching ITV3 is not good for my address book. Several random emails are sent, which I only discovered a few days later…whoops. They are quite funny. I told someone they reminded me of deep heat!