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Honourable Discharge

20 Jul

This week saw my last visit to the Dr. Its been three months since I removed the boot, so to mark the occasion I headed back to the hospital to see my very lovely Dr for what I hoped was my last appointment.

On my journey over I thought if I was discharged would a thank you hug be too much? Is it allowed on the NHS?  He is a lovely and he did fix my stupid leg, a hug isn’t too much is it, I thought? A handshake too formal and a simple ‘thank you’ not enough, its quite a quandary. I arrived to find my Dr was sunning himself on a beach somewhere rather than locked in a stuffy airless room ready to prod my leg and impart some words of wisdom. Hugging the Registrar would mean a quick call to Psyche so that decision was made for me. Perhaps a card and box of Roses?

Anyway back to the reason for my visit. After a quick look at the leg I was discharged. Just like that. Done. Finished. Nothing else to say, in the eyes of the medical community, my leg is fixed.

Physio will still continue for a couple of months, I’m a few weeks away from starting running. But apart from that I am healed.


Ohhh you’ve had an ATR too?

6 Feb

I said I would post some links to other Achilles blogs I’ve found and consumed over the last few days. There are lots out there, some quite old so I won’t post those as treatments have changed. If anyone finds any interesting blogs please send them through.

The details

4 Feb

Right I think I am ready to share the details, this info might be found in different posts however not all in one place…

Right ruptured achilles
Ruptured 29th January
Saw GP on 31st January and referred to Foot & Ankle Specialist
Saw Surgeon on 1st February
Surgery private through Bupa
Surgery on 2nd February at St John & St Elizabeth, St John’s Wood, London
Surgery was ‘open’, so one incision – 3-4cms long – not sure if this makes it ‘limited’ open or ‘open’ open
I’m in a cast for two weeks and due to see the surgeon again on 15th Feb for post op review and possible move into an aircast.

S Day

2 Feb

Post Surgery CastUp at 5.30am and shuffling into St John & St Elizabeth hospital for 7am.

I’m gowned up and meeting various medical people by 7.30am. Leg is clearly marked up and I’m wheeled off. The staff are excellent, calm, caring and very nice. In the pre-op room everyone is very chatty until the anaesthetist tells me about the injections I’ll need to give myself after the op. For DVT. For two weeks. I have lots of plans for my life, injecting myself isn’t one of them. I can see her look of ‘oh jeez’ as I explain this and then my guardian angel turns up….my surgeon and he suggests some tablets because of certain studies and its agreed. No injections. If I have one small victory during all of this then this is it.

I wake up a couple of hours later feeling no pain. The surgeon comes in and tells me something, not sure what. And then I am off back to my room.

It was thought I would have a special aircast but actually I’m in plaster. The rupture was worse than thought so for two weeks I am in a cast.

I’m pain free with a very sore throat and a strong desire for a cup of tea. The nurses were great and came in with a cuppa quick smart. I spent a few hours in my room, watching random tv (Saturday Kitchen is better on drugs), the physio popped in to show me the ins and outs of crutches (steps now terrify me) and I was off home.

You need surgery

1 Feb

My surgeon is lovely. Yes surgeon because tomorrow I am having surgery on my achilles.

He poked and prodded for a couple of minutes and that was it. He knew I was coming in and had already cleared his diary for me. Tomorrow at 8am I will be going under to be repaired.

Phone calls were made, diary was cleared and I was ready.