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Sorry blog

14 Oct

Oh dear blog, how I’ve neglected you.

I’ve been rather busy of late, you know how it is….amongst other things, which biker boots to buy this season, whether I would make a good mentor (err maybe on celeb gossip), about my new job (new year, new start, take that 2013), my Christmas in LA and why I seem to spending a lot of time in restaurants that only serve two things, (lobster or burger…?!) I haven’t forgotten about the leg, it would never allow me to do that. But, cliche alert, I’ve jumped back into life like a hot bath after a cold day. There are small reminders…short, sweet but there…a bit of a snarky leg the day after running, physio appointments (every three weeks now), how the leg gets slightly miserable after being stuck in a boot all day and what seems will be forever and always, daily single leg calf raises.

But no pain, no aches and no stiffness.

I don’t think the leg will ever get back to its pre-snapped-ness. But I don’t care, I quite like its post-snapped-ness.


Let the overhaul begin

16 Jul

It was such a good date that its taken until today to tell you about it…

On the hottest day of the year I lured my lovely friend Sarah to London with the promise of wine and a fabulous pedicure. Wine was the first port of call, sitting in the shade watching the world (literally – why was everyone on Oxford St in 90degree heat?!) pass by with a cold glass of wine. Feet pre overhaul

Second port (slightly squiffy) was Margaret Dabbs in Marylebone.

Its been a while since I posted a picture of my feet so for everyone out there, here they are pre Dabb’s intervention.

Intervention is was. The overhaul included lotions, potions, machines and files all employed to clip, file, buff and smooth my feet. 60 minutes later I emerged phoenix like with a pair of rather pretty – and as near to perfect my clumsy size 8’s can be – feet. Like David Bowie’s archive they will be on display all summer.

Post Dabbs PerfectionAnd here they are post Dabb’s…perfection complete with tissue buffer and sticky underfeet things!

A ruptured Achilles is a pretty dramatic reason to get the perfect pedicure. When I return in a couple of months it won’t be because of my stupid leg.

It was a great date. Let the great dates continue…next time…photography on Hampstead Heath (as the pictures show, I should have booked in for this course earlier)

Great dates

11 Jul

I am a great date. Ask anyone (well not anyone, I haven’t dated everyone), so after being cooped up inside a boot for ten weeks I have recently been taking my leg out on some top notch dates, it deserves to be shown a good time.

Therefore over the last few weeks we have been…

  • Wined and dined at Taste of London (twice)
  • Danced to the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park
  • Explored the restaurants of London Bridge/Southwark
  • Perused the pictures at the Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis exhibition at the Natural History Museum

Look at that variety, bit of intellect, bit of good food/drink and some good music. Its not just dinner and movie here, don’t say I don’t know how to show my leg a good time.

Since the rupture the leg has been on a bit of a promise and this weekend it’s cashing in. We’re off for a medi-cure…a medical pedicure at Margaret Dabbs. The word ‘overhaul’ is used in the description and frankly that’s what is needed, so good enough for me. Pictures will be taken, tweets composed and the leg, or I on the leg’s behalf, will report back afterwards.