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The end

30 Apr

All good things must come to an end and this includes shabbily written blogs that offer no insight whatsoever in how to recuperate from an injury.

It feels fitting that I should sign off now. Around this time last year I came out of my boot and now 52 weeks later, I can regularly be found running around the streets and parks of West London, whilst I shout self-help style mantras to myself, (in my head, I should add). Things like, ‘c’mon legs you can do it’, ‘just a bit further’, ‘think of the destination, not the journey’, etc etc. Surprisingly the mantras work and unsurprisingly the leg holds and 5km later I am sweaty and rather smug faced.

I’ve learnt a lot…including, backpacks and tupperwear are essential kit and skinny jeans go with everything, including an airboot, (see told you no insight at all)

So folks, I will leave this here.


Six months

29 Jul

Today is six months since the snap.

How far have I come? Well I am typing this in Dublin. But really I’m not about to channel Oprah, so to steal from Fat Boy Slim…
You’ve come a long way baby

Train, train, train

26 Jul

Last night saw me back in training. Six months after I last broke a sweat (105degree induced Bikram sweat doesn’t count), I donned my sports gear and skipped off into the gorgeous Ealing evening.

I know that I compensate massively with my left leg doing the majority of the work, but I was surprised at how much my left arm compensated too. I have a body of two halves. Both lazy but one that makes a Marge Simpson style ‘hhmmmm’ and lets the other pick up the slack.

Ten minutes in a number of things came back to me…

  • That time is different as soon as you enter a gym. One minute lifting weights is not akin to one minute of doing other stuff
  • Its probably not wise to keep your money in your sweats pocket – its gets rather…sweaty
  • I don’t miss the ache of a weights workout

All in all it was a good session. How I think training should be…sweat, aches but still being able to breathe.

Essential Kit

31 May

As any girl about town will tell you, they carry at all times ‘essential kit’. Magazines call it ‘what’s in your handbag’ and it usually entails a random selection of old make-up, bashed up snacks and technology. I carry all this but since I became more mobile I have added to my kit, which now includes:

> Compression sock – I am currently rocking black. But after I realised my rookie mistake and the realisation that swelling is going to be a part of my life for a while, quite like the new Daft Punk album, I have now purchased various other colours. Socks will be rotated depending on outfit.

> Deep Freeze – it’s not always practical to whip out the old leg and a bag of peas in a meeting, so Deep Freeze is perfect for such occasions. It also doesn’t have the pong of Deep Heat

>¬†Ibuprofen¬†– both capsule and gel formula, because you just never know which you’ll need and I’m all about all eventualities pain relief.

> Heel inserts – I have some rather snazzy gel ones which I bought off Amazon. They are stack-able so very practical, I am not sure if Tom Cruise uses these ones or not.

> Arnica – for when I am not in the mood for modern medicine.

Basically I don’t leave home without the above, I’m a walking foot Dr with a Mulberry handbag.

All quiet

28 May

It’s all been quiet the last few weeks. Post angry leg, its just the usual battles of a girl about town…swelling, icing, stretching exercises, ankle pain and coordinating outfits with compression socks. If you ever need to include a nifty pair of compression socks in your wardrobe then I recommend getting black and white. I made a major rookie error just getting black.

I am surprised that Grazia doesn’t cut out the celebrity wedding trash and replace with highly informative articles like this. I think there is at least 1000 words to be written on which shoes show off your swelling and which don’t.

See who says this blog isn’t informative?!

Focussing the mind

12 Mar

Mad as this sounds, there are lots of bright sides to a ruptured Achilles. Stronger upper arms and leg. Lots of daytime tv. You get to work on your crutch jokes etc etc But the main thing is it doesn’t matter what your woes were before the pop, you will instantly forget about them, post pop.

  • Rubbish love life? You won’t even remember who the loser was.
  • Stressed and struggling at work? Move that to the back burner.
  • Worried you have nothing to wear and need a wardrobe revamp? Your wardrobe will mainly consist of leisure wear and when you do go out you’ll now style everything to go with your new accessories: crutches, cast and aircast. Doesn’t matter if its Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter.
  • Finances giving you a headache? You won’t be going anywhere to spend money, so enjoy all the free daytime tv you can.

Obviously some of the above are more important that others.

Everything and everyone that was stressing me out and making me anxious stopped on 29th January at about 8.30pm. It went away to a back burner so far away its in another time zone and my focus turned 100% to me and working out what was wrong, then what needed to get done to get better, then day by day how I can get better, now taking my first steps without crutches and the list goes on.

I’m not one to talk or write about being blessed and stuff like that all the time. But I do think that my Achilles was a good thing. Yes it has been painful and confusing and I’ve struggled. I do advise everyone not to rush out and ruptures theirs. But when I think about the last couple of months and my rupture, when it happened I immediately stopped sweating the small and inconsequential stuff and people and automatically my focus switched to me and what’s going to make me happy. Sometimes its takes a pop as loud as a gunshot to do that.

‘What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise’
– Oscar Wilde.

I couldn’t have said it better.

Current questions

11 Mar

Does it fit in tupperware and does it fit in my backpack.

Important questions to ask if anything is going to get moved around the flat – washing, laptop, flask of tea, lunch, food in general etc etc.

Backpack, flask and tupperware are my saviours.

I don’t really have anything else to report as my time is taken up ensuring the above questions are answered with a resounding ‘Yes’

My next hospital appointment is this Friday, when the plan is to drop down two wedges. In preparation I have played Dr myself and removed a wedge, so hopefully I will comfortably be halfway there by my appointment. I don’t know much but I know I don’t want to drop down two wedges at once.