Run Joy Run

26 Aug

I did it.

I started with a good five minute build up, walking increasing the speed every minute. The faster I walked the more flashbacks I had to my anxiety dreams. I remembered that in them I ran rather like Phoebe in that episode of Friends where she runs wonky. Except I was more like if Phoebe had been hit by a fast moving vehicle before she ran.

So I had a lot to focus on.

The plan was 5 x 1 minute intervals. Stop if there is discomfort, pain or the onset of a panic attack.

Minute one was spent trying to spread my weight as much as possible through my feet (think wide toe running)

Minute two, I’m actually doing this, don’t spread weight, is there pain, am I okay?

Minute three, okay this is happening. Is my right leg kicking out? Am I starting to Phoebe run?

Minute four, this is rather enjoyable

Minute five, over before I knew it

It wasn’t perfect, but it was pain free.

Next day my leg felt a little stiffer than normal, but still no pain.

I did it.


These trainers are made for…a fast paced shuffle, thank you very much

22 Aug

To welcome me back into the world of two shoes back in April I purchased a pair of blue and orange trainers. Very comfortable and surprisingly complimentary with most outfits, they saw me back into the walking world. And tonight they will see my first foray back into running.

On Monday my physio gave me clearance for light intervals and since then I have had anxiety dreams where I have run for various forms of transportation then realised mid stride that I shouldn’t and I’ve woken up as I’ve come crashing down to earth. The mind is a funny thing…well mine anyway.

It will soon be buses but for now I will settle for a treadmill and some slow, light intervals.

I’m back!

Market Niches

8 Aug

If you are an avid reader of this blog, (god help you), you will know there’s a lot going on in my head. A lot. Recently my mind has turned to what I see as two opportunity areas. Poles apart, but nonetheless two huge business opportunities, I urge any of you with an ounce of business sense to jump on these.

They are in short my business gifts to you…

1) A decent sandwich/lunch place in Esher. Someone go and open one immediately, there’s a workforce crying out for more sustenance than a Waitrose sandwich can offer.
2) A blog/booklet/book/podcast/website/Twitter/Facebook page or similar with advice on how to nurse you back to running post Achilles injury. There’s a lot on injury but nothing on Achilles and nothing on how to mentally prepare yourself for your first running step.
If I’ve missed it please, please email me the link through, but otherwise there’s nothing and so far my emails to experts and comments on blogs have gone unanswered.

Is it just me that thinks this is a massive miss, or am I the only one making a mountain out of donning trainers and go for some light intervals?!?

Don’t answer that

Six months

29 Jul

Today is six months since the snap.

How far have I come? Well I am typing this in Dublin. But really I’m not about to channel Oprah, so to steal from Fat Boy Slim…
You’ve come a long way baby

Train, train, train

26 Jul

Last night saw me back in training. Six months after I last broke a sweat (105degree induced Bikram sweat doesn’t count), I donned my sports gear and skipped off into the gorgeous Ealing evening.

I know that I compensate massively with my left leg doing the majority of the work, but I was surprised at how much my left arm compensated too. I have a body of two halves. Both lazy but one that makes a Marge Simpson style ‘hhmmmm’ and lets the other pick up the slack.

Ten minutes in a number of things came back to me…

  • That time is different as soon as you enter a gym. One minute lifting weights is not akin to one minute of doing other stuff
  • Its probably not wise to keep your money in your sweats pocket – its gets rather…sweaty
  • I don’t miss the ache of a weights workout

All in all it was a good session. How I think training should be…sweat, aches but still being able to breathe.

Honourable Discharge

20 Jul

This week saw my last visit to the Dr. Its been three months since I removed the boot, so to mark the occasion I headed back to the hospital to see my very lovely Dr for what I hoped was my last appointment.

On my journey over I thought if I was discharged would a thank you hug be too much? Is it allowed on the NHS?  He is a lovely and he did fix my stupid leg, a hug isn’t too much is it, I thought? A handshake too formal and a simple ‘thank you’ not enough, its quite a quandary. I arrived to find my Dr was sunning himself on a beach somewhere rather than locked in a stuffy airless room ready to prod my leg and impart some words of wisdom. Hugging the Registrar would mean a quick call to Psyche so that decision was made for me. Perhaps a card and box of Roses?

Anyway back to the reason for my visit. After a quick look at the leg I was discharged. Just like that. Done. Finished. Nothing else to say, in the eyes of the medical community, my leg is fixed.

Physio will still continue for a couple of months, I’m a few weeks away from starting running. But apart from that I am healed.

Let the overhaul begin

16 Jul

It was such a good date that its taken until today to tell you about it…

On the hottest day of the year I lured my lovely friend Sarah to London with the promise of wine and a fabulous pedicure. Wine was the first port of call, sitting in the shade watching the world (literally – why was everyone on Oxford St in 90degree heat?!) pass by with a cold glass of wine. Feet pre overhaul

Second port (slightly squiffy) was Margaret Dabbs in Marylebone.

Its been a while since I posted a picture of my feet so for everyone out there, here they are pre Dabb’s intervention.

Intervention is was. The overhaul included lotions, potions, machines and files all employed to clip, file, buff and smooth my feet. 60 minutes later I emerged phoenix like with a pair of rather pretty – and as near to perfect my clumsy size 8’s can be – feet. Like David Bowie’s archive they will be on display all summer.

Post Dabbs PerfectionAnd here they are post Dabb’s…perfection complete with tissue buffer and sticky underfeet things!

A ruptured Achilles is a pretty dramatic reason to get the perfect pedicure. When I return in a couple of months it won’t be because of my stupid leg.

It was a great date. Let the great dates continue…next time…photography on Hampstead Heath (as the pictures show, I should have booked in for this course earlier)