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Leg still sore

31 Jan

Today I’m no better. Leg still sore, but its not the calf more the ankle.

I’m thinking maybe physio will help. I have Bupa so I called to find out if I need a GP referral. Yes

I got an appointment with my GP pretty quickly so off I shuffle. I basically want her to refer me, the end. I love the NHS but if I can see a physio today or tomorrow then great.

After a few questions she gives me the news, ‘If it was me I would go and see a Foot & Ankle Dr, a specialise for a MRI. It might be your achilles’ Oh jeez. I know that is bad.

I get the names of a couple of hospitals and off home I go to make calls.

In 20 minutes I have an appt for the following day in Highgate and been approved for a series of things from Bupa as part of the consultation. I then call my boss to say I will be working from home Friday and head off to the sofa to rest the leg and watch random daytime TV.

Taking pain pills and watching ITV3 is not good for my address book. Several random emails are sent, which I only discovered a few days later…whoops. They are quite funny. I told someone they reminded me of deep heat!


Hurt Leg

30 Jan

Last night I hurt my leg playing netball. I thought it was a simple pull or torn calf muscle. I can’t walk very well (I shuffled) and as I am off work for a couple of days I thought that I would use the time to rest up, pop on a compression bandage and some Cold Freeze and I would be back in the office on Friday.

My Mum was staying for a couple of days and as she’s booked on a train back home I duly sent her packing. I am fine